Mitsubishi electric
hypercore heat pumps

While ordinary heat pumps produce less heat below 7°C, Mitsubishi Electric HyperCore Technology guarantees to continue to deliver its full rated heating capacity even on the coldest days. In fact, they guarantee this right down to down to -15°C, so you stay warm when you need it most.

Why choose a HyperCore Heat Pump?

In Wairarapa, we experience on average 65 days a year!

On these chilly days, you need a heating system you can rely on. While regular heat pumps might struggle, HyperCore Heat Pumps keep working at full capacity.

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Mitsubishi Electric LN Series Heat Pumps with HyperCore Technology

With HyperCore Technology as standard, the LN Series provides reliable warmth even on the coldest Wairarapa days. 

With its sleek design and quiet operation, the LN Series not only heats your space efficiently but also enhances your home’s aesthetic with colours choices including red, white and black.

Mitsubishi Electric KW Floor Console with HyperCore Technology

Available as an optional upgrade for the RapidHeat KW50/60 Floor Console, this heat pump is ideal for those seeking a perfect blend of style and functionality. 

The advanced system delivers consistent and powerful heating performance, even on the chilliest days, ensuring comfort throughout the year. 

Designed to fit discreetly at floor level, it provides an unobtrusive heating solution, delivering warmth where you need it most.

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