Vehicle Air Conditioning

Tararua Refrigeration Services are proficient in the service, maintenance and repair of all vehicle air conditioning, to keep your car in perfect condition, and your passengers comfortable.

When you’re out on the road on the job, you need your vehicle’s air conditioning to be in tip-top shape. At Tararua Refrigeration we can advise you on suitable air-con systems for your car, truck, tractor or forestry vehicle, and service/repair them regularly. A maintenance check is always a good idea and if your air-con is not cooling properly, making strange sounds or emitting an unusual smell, give us a call.

Our services ensure a pleasant driving ambience while keeping your windows and windscreen safely demisted no matter the weather outside.

If you’re transporting goods that are vulnerable to spoilage, then we can ensure a system to keep them pristine and preserved until you arrive at your destination.

Cool in summer, warm in winter … why not set the internal climate of your vehicle as specifically as you do for your home or business?

Give us a call and we can come to you and get you back on task sooner. A well-functioning air conditioning unit:

  • Creates a pleasant, relaxing and safe driving environment
  • Helps you move easily degradable products without stress
  • Maintains clean air by removing pollen, mould and dust
  • Encourages fuel efficiency
  • Removes air humidity

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